US Pays Family of Illegal $1M For Drinking His Liquid Meth While Crossing Border

When will guilty people be held liable for their actions and not be allowed to sue their victims for damages caused by the criminal’s illegal actions?

In 2012, 90-year-old Jay Leone found a burglar in his home in California.

“According to Leone, the incident began when Cutrufelli kicked in the door, of his Marin County home. Leone said he was ordered not to move as the house was scoured for valuables. But after a while, Leone insisted that he had to use the bathroom, and convinced his captor to let him go, CBS San Francisco reported.”

“It was a ruse. Leone had a .357 revolver stashed in the bathroom. He grabbed it and ran back and pointed it at the burglar.”

“The burglar fired once, hitting Leone in the cheek.’

“‘He opened up on me,’ said Leone. ‘He got me on the first shot’.”

“Leone, a former Marin County…



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