US: Another Health Attack on Diplomats in Cuba Last Month

Mysterious health attacks on the American diplomatic community in Cuba continued as recently as August, the United States said Friday, despite earlier U.S. assessments that the attacks had long stopped. The U.S. increased the tally of U.S. government personnel affected to 19.

The new U.S. disclosures came the same day that the union that represents American diplomats said mild traumatic brain injury was among the diagnoses given to diplomats victimized in the attacks, offering the most detailed account to date of the growing list of symptoms. Permanent hearing loss has also been diagnosed, and the American Foreign Service Association said additional symptoms had included brain swelling, severe headaches, loss of balance and “cognitive disruption.”

At the State Department, spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the U.S. was continually revising its assessments of the scope of the attacks as new information was obtained. She said the investigation had not been completed.

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