University of Cornell Students and Staff Protest for Housing and Tuition to be Given to Illegals

We all know the adage that reminds us that theft costs us all. Shoplifting raises prices. Someone has to pay for the losses caused by such theft. It is basic to economics and is not hard to grasp. This though seems to have escaped the students and staff of one Ivy League school.

Heat Street reports

Students and faculty members at Cornell University are demanding that the prestigious Ivy League university provide both housing and sanctuary for illegal immigrants who are enrolled in or work at the school.

Over 250 people attended a protest on Thursday in the Arts Quad, which was hosted by the Cornell Coalition for Inclusive Democracy. Per the Cornell Daily Sun, the protesters asked for the University to provide funds for illegal immigrants—even those unprotected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Also on their list of protesters’ demands was a call for the…



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