University Of Chicago Study Proves Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Gun rights people have been saying it for years. Gun control is really people control. It does nothing to stop criminals from getting guns.

Well, the University of Chicago set out to determine just where criminals do get their guns. Chicago is known as one of the toughest gun control cities in America, while also suffering a staggering amount of gun violence.

This fact left the researchers with plenty of subjects to interview in Chicago jails on gun related charges.

Interestingly, not one of these criminals got their guns legally.

From American Patriot Daily:

A recent study by the University of Chicago proved this point after conducting a study to figure out how criminals in Chicago were acquiring their firearms.

Not surprisingly, administers of the study quickly learned these criminals do not acquire their guns from licensed dealers, private sellers, or even the Internet.

The study looked at inmates in…



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