University Of California Pledges $25.2 Million For Illegal Immigrants

Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and President of University of California is supporting millions for illegal immigrants and their education.

Say WHAT? Can you believe this same person was once the head of US Homeland Security? Wonder if UC is offering the same package for our veterans? What do you think? Does she know this is a FELONY!?

That’s right! ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! While many hard-working families are scraping by trying to save and help pay for their own kid’s college, this liberal university sets aside dollars for ILLEGAL immigrants!!!! Total insanity!

The University of California announced it created a $25.2 million school-sanctioned assistance package to help illegal aliens pay for their education.

Janet Napolitano, who serves as the president of the university, made it clear she’s steadfastly determined to cultivate efforts to use school funding to ensure illegal immigrants will have their college tuition paid for at the



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