United States To Receive “Slap in The Face” From…


With the world seemingly falling into turmoil around us, the United States has been the recipient of numerous idle threats in the weeks since Donald Trump took office.

Iran has uttered a fresh set of threats against the U.S. this week.

President Trump is not a conventional politician, and his bravado and gung-ho attitude have certainly raised the eyebrows of leaders on the world stage.  Now, one country in particular has taken their anti-America rhetoric to the next level with an all out threat against the United States:  Iran.

“The United States should expect a ‘strong slap in the face’ if it underestimates Iran’s defensive capabilities, a commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards said on Wednesday, as Tehran concluded war games.

“Since taking office last month, U.S. President Donald Trump has pledged to get tough with Iran, warning the Islamic Republic after its ballistic missile test on Jan.…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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