Unborn Babies or Illegal Aliens – Which Really Deserve Sanctuary Cities?

It’s always fun pointing out the hypocrisy of many liberals. It gets them so flustered and angry and often shows them just how hypocritical their views are on many different subjects.

Years ago, there was a huge ecological push to save the whales and save the baby seals. It was always amusing to see a sticker on one side of a car bumper saying ‘Save the whales’ and on the other side of the bumper would be a sticker supporting abortion.

My husband had the opportunity to politely confront one of these liberal hypocrites. When he asked the lady about her bumper stickers, she said that whales are disappearing and worth saving. He asked if people were not also worth saving and she said yes, they are, but most people can speak for themselves, but whales cannot do that. He then asked how an unborn child still in the womb…



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