UNBELIEVABLE: Contortionist Video is Burning Up the Internet [VIDEO]

Contortionists have always intrigued me but this guy goes well beyond intriguing and right on to freaky.  He looks as if he has no bones at all.  His body seems to have the consistency of an old dishrag.

 It’s a party trick that will cause everyone to run screaming for the exits.

In this spine-tingling clip, an actor collapses to the ground and transforms himself into a creature resembling a cross between a spider and the girl from the Exorcist.

He manages to move his body into positions unimaginable for the ordinary person.

The jerky movements, combined with the thuds on the ground as he moves across the floor, makes the short clip seem like something out of a horror film.
The ‘creature’ then collapses onto the ground, seemingly waiting to attack its next&helli





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