U.S. spy satellites have caught Chinese ships selling oil illegally to the North

There is satellite photographic evidence of Chinese ships trading oil to North Korean ships. This is in violation of United Nations embargoes and sanctions levied against the North Korean regime. The transfer of cargo is taking place on the high seas and given the outward appearance of a smuggling operation.

China has strongly stated that it supporting the United Nations resolutions and embargoes. In China, there does not exist enough freedom for a smuggling operation of this magnitude to occur without State approval. This article takes a look at what China is up against and why they may be playing both sides of the street.

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As Written and Reported By Rick Moran for the American Thinker:

According to Chinese customs data, Beijing has stopped selling oil products to its largest trading partner, North Korea.  China had previously refused to buy coal or iron ore from the Kim regime.

But U.S. satellites showed



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