U.S. Muslim stokes violence against Coptic Christians

“As for Muslims, they are the food of the nations. This is a period when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told us that the Caliphate will come again.”
  – Ayat Oraby, Egyptian Muslim activist who migrated to U.S. in 1993

Some of the most vicious incitement against Christians in Egypt originates from a petite Egyptian woman sitting at a computer in her home in a quiet suburb of New Jersey.

It is not as though Egypt’s Muslim community needs any encouragement to go after Coptic Christians, but Arat Oraby does her part, calling the Copts a “gang” that needs to be boycotted and subjugated.

Ayat Oraby shills for the Muslim Brotherhood while living in U.S.

“The problem of the Christians in Egypt is that they follow the church gang,” she wrote. “They believe that (Coptic Pope) Tawadoros the criminal, or any other



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