U.S. general on Trump’s Syria strike: ‘That was outstanding’

Tomahawk missile fired at a Syrian air base from the USS Porter April 6, 2017

Retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney is applauding the Trump administration for building a coalition to strike Syria and carrying out a successful attack, but he says solving the long-term challenges there requires collaboration with Russia, and that cannot happen so long as Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues his probe.

On Friday night (early Saturday in Syria), the U.S., along with Great Britain and France, fired dozens of missiles at three specific targets in Syria in response for the chemical weapons attack that took place several days earlier.

As McInerney suspected last week, President Trump took longer to order a response to build international support and participation. He’s thrilled U.S. allies took part and told WND and Radio America that the cooperation extended beyond London and Paris.

“I think that was outstanding,” McInerney said.



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