U.N. Nullify’s Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: Nikki Haley Tells Them to SHOVE IT

I am a huge fan of Nikki Haley these days. The United Nations voted 14 to 1 to nullify President Trump’s recent decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This got Nikki riled up in the extreme. The United States of course has veto power and used it against the resolution. To pass, a resolution must have the support of nine members and no vetoes by the US, France, Britain, Russia or China.

What these United Nations asshats did manage to do was piss off Nikki Haley. In no uncertain terms, she told them where they could shove it and it was glorious! She called the measure an insult, stating that a sovereign nation won’t be told where it can locate its embassy. “The United States will not be told by any country where we can put our embassy,” she declared.

The security council vote on Monday comes on



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