Two New Faces Defy Michelle Obama, Youngest Black Republicans Elected in Blue State

Remember when Michelle Obama said the Republicans in Republican party was the party of ‘old, white men’? Pretty sad when you think that this is the former first lady, right? It’s also ironic coming from a representative of the Democrat Party. A party whose top representatives are also mainly in their 70’s or ‘white, old, men’ – Schumer, Biden, Sanders.

The Republicans are doing what they can to bring in new faces young and old, female and male, from all races and backgrounds even in strong Democrat states like Connecticut. Don’t believe me? Check this out!

Tyrell Brown and Ed Ford Jr. are thought to be the two youngest black Republicans elected to public office in deep blue Connecticut. And they’re going to drive Michelle Obama crazy.

Michelle, you might remember, thinks that the Republicans are the party of old, white men. She dropped this particular piece of race-baiting nastiness last



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