Twitter’s Suppressing Pro-Life Tweets But Allows Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Hype

The intrepid pro-life advocates at Live Action are having their social media message throttled by the liberals at Twitter who simultaneously give special treatment to the Planned Parenthood abortion factory

For months Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other liberal media companies have been searching for ways to destroy conservative media and to keep conservatives from spreading our message to new ears/eyes/minds. They ginned up this “fake news” epidemic, only to have us all discover that it is the establishment media who creates the “real” fake news. They attempted to push liberal “fair usage” laws about the internet through Congress, thankfully their efforts have thus far failed. Now, they’ve taken to simply clamping down on our sites and trying to suffocate our voices. How do they do this? Google has attacked our income model by threatening our advertisers and demanding major changes to our ad structure. Facebook has tried to extort more money from…



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