Twitter user threatens Trump with photo of rifle: ‘You’re next’ — Twitter does nothing despite reports (Updated)

On Wednesday, President Trump posted a tweet saying he and First Lady Melania Trump are “deeply saddened by the death of Thomas S. Monson, a beloved President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”  This prompted one Twitter user to post a photo of what appears to be a “Light Hunter” air rifle captioned, “You’re next.”

You’re next

— Jean Grey. (@ethanxfenty) January 4, 2018

As of this writing, the tweet is still active and Twitter has taken no action whatsoever, despite having been reported.

(Editor’s note: The account has since been suspended.  See our update below.)

Reported nutbag

— justsayingit (@JustSayingIt) January 4, 2018

One person expressed doubt that Twitter will take any action:

I do believe this is a direct threat on the life of the @POTUS
Will @Twitter suspend? Doubtful!

— Secretly Two Wolves (@MarcusCurtis15) January 4, 2018



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