Twitter Preparing to Install Massive New Censorship Tools

Twitter is taking the next step in its censorship program – one designed to stifle the conservative outlook.

With several celebrities getting banned in recent months, and the liberal takeover of the media intensifying after Donald Trump’s electoral victory, Twitter is seemingly putting their hat in the ring with Google and Facebook, who also have been accused of mass censorship – particularly of conservative leaning media outlets.

“The social media company has received tons of criticism from both ends of the debate, some arguing that it is not doing enough to remove offensive comment or the offensive commenters themselves, and others arguing that it is censoring content and not acting as a medium for free speech.

“Twitter is currently dealing with a number of problems, namely, a number of high-level staff departures in just the span of a few months, including its CTO, COO, vice president of product, and director of media partnerships and head of…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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