Tucker Slams Activists Who Backs Taxpayer-Funded Muslim “Safe Spaces”

Australia has prevented a number of terrorist attacks in recent years. However, just last week, a gunman Yacquab Khayre killed a innocent man, wounded 3 police officers, and took a woman hostage in Victoria. Luckily before he could cause more harm, he was shot and killed by the police.

As with the US, more and more countries like Australia are clamping down on immigrants coming from the Middle East. Australia once took in close to 4,000 migrants a year from Lebanon. Now, that number is more likely to be about 500.  However Australia does continue to welcome immigrants from Pakistan. In fact, just last year, Austalia took in over 8,000 immigrants from Pakistan assumed to be mostly Muslim.

WIth terrorist attacks being on the rise, you can understand countries like Australia clamping down on immigrants coming from countries that support terrorism. You can also understand that Muslim immigrants might feel they



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