Tucker Carlson to explore ‘collapse of male jobs’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson

American society overwhelmingly favors men. The “gender wage gap” and “male privilege” prove it. And besides, “toxic masculinity” and “rape culture” are turning men into pigs. That’s the message delivered daily, if not hourly, in America’s schools and universities and by the nation’s news and entertainment media – that America is noxiously biased in favor of males.

One small problem, however. The facts and figures seem to point to exactly the opposite conclusion: In virtually every area imaginable, and some unimaginable, American men and boys today are failing, falling behind, and all too often, self-destructing.

Attempting to shed light on this mysteriously ignored story, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has launched a series of segments, titled “Men in America,” to explore this issue throughout the month of March – every Wednesday – on his primetime show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The show’s producers tell WND the Wednesday,



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