Tucker Carlson SLAMS liberals liars (this video is going viral!)

Leftists want Americans to believe that illegal immigrants are more virtuous that U.S. citizens — and they use the mainstream media to push these fairy tales.

But the facts don’t lie… and Fox News host Tucker Carlson just all the fantasy’s liberals want Americans to believe.

New statistics uncovered by Carlson are smoking gun proof that illegal immigrants are, more often than not, the “bad hombres” President Donald Trump warned about.

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Carson broke down the argument in pieces — “All immigrants are hardworking and law abiding, they do jobs you wouldn’t consider doing and they do them cheerfully?”

Almost all Americans are hardworking, it is not just illegal immigrants that are.

“Undocumented immigrants actually commit fewer crimes on average than native born Americans?”

Not only are snowflakes claiming that illegal aliens are more virtuous than you are, Carson explains, these immigrants are



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