Tucker Carlson DESTROYS this illegal immigrant (he had NO comeback!)

Fox News star Tucker Carlon had an illegal immigrant Cesar Vargas  on his show — and one brilliant question had Cesar Vargas stammering, unable to answer.

Vargas is a self-declared illegal immigrant that also uses a legal loophole to remain in America — and practices law.

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Carlson, though, wasn’t about to back down.

“Let me ask you a really simple question: If more immigration always makes the country richer, then why does the state with the most immigration, which is California, keep getting poorer?” Carlson asked. “It now has more poverty than any state. One out of five Californians is poor. If immigration makes us richer, why is California getting poorer? What is the answer to that I wonder?”

Vargas had no answer. He ducked and dodged and stammered, but he couldn’t come up with an effective retort.

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“Well I



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