Trump’s Tax Returns? No One Cares! [VIDEO]

Now that Rachel Maddow has revealed one of Donald Trump’s tax returns, maybe we should consider how unimportant they are.

The big story about Donald Trump’s tax returns is that no one cares about them. While Trump supporters like seeing MSNBC forced to promote the President, they never really cared about the tax returns. Donald Trump knew the issue didn’t matter to voters and acted accordingly.

Before I talk about how we know no one cares about Trump’s tax returns, let me reiterate that Rachel Maddow’s show was a victory for the President. As CNBC states,

For Trump, in the swirl of chaos thanks to the CBO saying the GOP health-care bill would lead to 24 million uninsured and the FBI preparing to weigh in on his accusation of President Barack Obama wire tapping him, this tax story is a welcome reprieve.

The 2005 tax return could have been an…



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