Trump’s Budget Plan Reduces Funding for Most Liberal Sector of America

Is there any sector of American life that is more liberal, anti-American and anti-Christian than the humanities and arts?

We know someone who is a professional actress involved mostly with on-stage productions. Once she became involved with the theater, she abandoned most of her Christian values and beliefs. She had adamantly defended homosexuality and same-sex marriage. She once told us that the majority of her friends in the theater are homosexuals and therefore she sees nothing wrong with it. When questioned about  God’s condemnation of homosexuality, she basically said that God and the Bible are wrong. After all, her friends are all good people in her eyes.

Have you seen or heard many of the things said at the various entertainment awards programs lately? The most recent Academy Awards was basically a Trump and Republican bashing gala. Many of the actors and actresses made it sound like President Donald Trump,…



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