Trump will teach the United Nations not to bite the hand that feeds them [Video]

Finally, we have a President that is not interested in letting the United Nations take our money and then speak against us. Maybe the President feels like the rest of us do. If they hate us already, let them hate us for free. Free them of our money so that they cannot use it against us. 

Earlier this week our Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, vetoed a Security Council resolution condemning the move of our embassy to Jerusalem. Now the whole UN wants to take a vote and do the same thing. The President will use this to see who are our friends and supporters and act accordingly. Attaboy, Mr. President!

As Written and Reported by Carlos Garcia for The Blaze:

President Trump issued a very clear threat against the United Nations Wednesday, saying that the United States was not going to continue funding an entity that keeps voting against our interests.




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