Trump: When ‘The Lesser Of Two Evils’ Actually Does Great Things

A dear friend, also a Christian, still rants about how wrong it was for anyone to vote for Donald Trump.

I recently addressed his best arguments against voting for the “lesser evil,” which I did last year:

Hillary would have murdered additional millions of babies in the womb, just look at who she would have put on the Supreme Court. Trump not only prevented that, he placed an aggressively pro-life justice on the court. And likely 2 or 3 more to come. If you can’t see that guarantees protecting lives rather than murdering them, you need to revisit the issue.

If y’all are keeping score, that’s millions or so innocent lives saved. That ought to be enough in itself to justify voting for Trump.

I don’t add up what Trump hasn’t accomplished yet. He’s been in office only 10 months. But if you really doubt his effect for



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