Trump Tax Bill Guts Obamacare Mandate… Let Freedom Ring

With the new Trump Tax Bill, average Americans could save at least $2000 a year. On top of that, Americans could finally NOT be forced to purchase expensive and unnecessary health care insurance under Obamacare. Why should most Americans be forced to pay for something we didn’t want or need, in the first place, just because members of Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare. What ever happened to ‘you can keep your doctor’?

Congressional Republicans promised for years to do away with the burdensome Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, but were unable to do so when it came time to pull the trigger.

Though their repeal and replace efforts came up short, it appears Republicans will at least be able to get rid of perhaps the most onerous part of Obamacare via their tax reform bill — the individual mandate requiring everyone to have health insurance, according to Newsmax.




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