Trump Takes Aim at Welfare State, As Tax Reform Clears Last Hurdle

Americans elected President Trump to restore jobs, repeal Obamacare, reduce regulations and ‘Make America Great Again’.

Trump has returned over 1.46 million jobs. It’s the lowest unemployment rate since 1973. Next up: Tax Reform.

This is the target of President Donald Trump’s latest political move.Trump took aim at the welfare system last week while making remarks about tax reform in Missouri.

“Then we will have done tax cuts, the biggest in history, health care, phenomenal health care. I know you don’t want this — welfare reform. Does anyone want welfare reform?” Trump asked the crowd.

“I’ve talked to people. I know people that work three jobs and they live next to somebody who doesn’t work at all,” the president continued. “And the person who’s not working at all and has no intention of working at all is making more money and doing better than the person that’s working his and her a**



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