Trump Scores a Major Victory, Tax Cuts Passed by Congress

On Wednesday, the House of Representative gave the final nod to tax reform. Now the GOP tax bill will go to President Trump’s desk for signature into law. Score one for Trump and the GOP!

The final tally was a 224-201 vote, with no Democrats supporting the measure.

Twelve House Republicans voted against the bill.

“Most of them were from New York, New Jersey and California districts that would be hit by new limits on deductions for state, local and property taxes,” The Hill reported.

As reported by The Western Journal, Wednesday’s re-vote of the bill came as a result of a finding by the Senate parliamentarian on Tuesday that certain provisions of the version passed ran afoul of the Senate’s so-called Byrd Rule.

The rule sets the parameters by which legislation can clear the Senate with a simple majority vote.

The Senate passed the GOP-led tax reform bill early Wednesday morning



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