Trump Resists Media War, Fights Angry Blast From San Juan Mayor

We can start by saying that DHS’ acting Secretary Elaine Duke could probably have chosen her words better in a statement on Thursday.

Speaking outside the White House, Duke said that what has been accomplished so far in the challenge of getting aid to the people of Puerto Rico is “really a good news story.”

Compared to how bad it could be, that may be true.  But it would surely ring hollow in the ears of people with no shelter scrabbling for food and water on an island where all electrical power has been lost, and most home structures have been devastated.  There was probably a better way to say this.

But the challenges of trying to deliver aid, which first requires restoring some basic infrastructure, are now being widely reported.  (The MSM widely ignored them at first.)  Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló praised the Trump administration – again – on Friday morning



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