Trump Puts EPA in His Sights; Moves Forward on Making America Great Again

President Donald Trump took a lot of criticism when he nominated a long-standing critic of the EPA named Scott Pruitt as the chief of this agency. This does not mean that Pruitt does not care much about the environment, as many Democrats have insinuated. As the Attorney General of Oklahoma, he worked with his counterpart in Arkansas to arrange for the study of the water quality of the portion of the Illinois River that runs along their mutual border. His past criticism may simply mean that he prefers to manage the EPA in a way that balances the needs of the environment with the needs of private organizations that often bear the brunt of unreasonable and contradictory regulatory codes.

Trump Puts EPA in His Sights

Now Republicans in the House of Representatives such as Matt Gaetz (R-FL) are asking whether the EPA is even necessary for the protection of the…



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