Trump Opens Up 76,000,000 Acres to Off-Shore Drilling, Largest in History!

Drill Baby Drill! That sure brings back memories of the good old days of J.R. Ewing and the hit series ‘Dallas’ doesn’t it? With President Trump cutting and getting rid of Obama’s bad economic policies that were choking our economy, things are actually picking up quite well now for most businesses. Of course, it’s really no surprise, since Trump did say he would be a friend to the energy industry, and would cut back on the excessive regulations put in place by the Obama administration.

On Tuesday morning, the Trump administration took another historic step toward ensuring America’s energy independence for the future by opening up over 76 million acres of federal water to potential drillingThe Washington Times reported.

By opening up these waters to be leased out for drilling, the Trump administration broke a record. This is the largest lease sale in American history, and is sure to make oil companies positively giddy.



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