Trump: ‘No Brand Has Improved’ More Than Coast Guard During Storms

The United States Coast Guard has majorly improved during the massive storms hitting the United States, President Donald Trump said Sunday according to a report in The Hill.

“What they’ve done — I mean, they’ve gone right into that, and you never know. When you go in there, you don’t know if you’re going to come out. They are really — if you talk about branding, no brand has improved more than the United States Coast Guard,” Trump said.

Hurricane Irma hit South Florida Sunday with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph according to the National Hurricane Center as a Category 2 storm and was making landfall in Southwest Florida around 6 p.m., bearing down on Naples with high winds and rain and a storm surge of 9 to 15 feet above ground level.

The storm came almost two weeks after Category 4 Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on



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