Trump May Stop Time Warner-AT&T Merger Unless CNN Fires Zucker

Multiple sources are reporting that the White House may stop the merger between Time Warner and AT&T if Time Warner-owned CNN does not fire its president Jeff Zucker.

Because the merger will consolidate a large segment of the media industry, the Justice Department will decide whether to approve the merger. The merger would combine the biggest U.S. pay-TV and internet provider with one of the largest content providers.Since the two specialize in different segments of media industry  the merger would normally go through, however because of CNN’s troubled relationship with the President and recent fake news scandals, the administration may prevent the union unless there is a change in CNN management. That leaves the possibility of Zucker being fired or being kicked upstairs and losing his management responsibilities over the news networks.

Mr. Zucker, who was ousted as chief executive of NBC Universal after that company merged with Comcast, declined to comment on…



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