Trump makes a JAW DROPPING immigration promise

President Donald Trump would veto a bipartisan Senate compromise that would help young illegal immigrants and build his coveted border wall, the White House threatened on Thursday, fueling doubts that any amnesty measures would survive showdown votes.

In a written statement, the White House labeled the proposal “dangerous policy that will harm the nation.” It singled out a provision that directs the government to prioritize enforcement efforts against illegal immigrants who arrive beginning in July.

Senate leaders were hoping to hold votes Thursday on Trump’s immigration proposal, along with the bipartisan compromise and two other measures. In an ominous sign, the leaders opened the day’s debate by trading blame, as prospects seemed to grow that the chamber’s long-awaited debate on the hot-button issue would end in stalemate.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., assailed Democrats for failing to



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