Trump Job Creation Is Significant [WATCH]

Optimistic attitudes have undoubtedly caused recent job creation but how long will it continue under Republicans?

Not only was job creation relatively strong in February, but the nation added 3.5 times as many jobs in manufacturing as it did in government.

CNS News reports,

The United States added 28,000 jobs in manufacturing in February and 8,000 in government, according to numbers released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So far in 2017 (January and February), the U.S. has gained 39,000 manufacturing jobs and 25,000 government jobs.

Nonetheless, in February, government jobs in the United States outnumbered manufacturing jobs by 9,942,000.

That is down from the 9,956,000 margin that government jobs had over manufacturing jobs in December 2016, according to the BLS numbers.

That’s a great improvement, though I long for the day when we will see the government start reducing the number of employees. Newt Gingrich commented on these job…



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