Trump IS the Barbarian and 63 Million love it!

After the feces-laden storm that Senator Dick Durbin kicked u with his allegations this week, the media has painted Trump the Barbarian all over their front pages. The really neat part about all of this is that it is working … for President Trump. How is it possible that all that negativity is a plus for the Donald. You have to see it in the same way as the writer of this article.

As Written and Reported By Wayne Allen Root for Townhall:

As usual, the media and liberal critics of Trump have it all wrong.

Before I get to DACA and the wall, I will tackle Trump’s “offensive words” about Haiti and African nations. Trump supposedly called those countries by a crude name. He certainly could have chosen his words more carefully. But…who cares? He told the raw truth. As usual, he was right on the money. Trump said exactly (although crudely) what



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