Trump Immigration Reform Sees Huge Support in Polls

President Donald Trump sauntered into the White House on January 21st, 2017 and set out to accomplish exactly what he promised on the campaign trail.

President Trump’s immigration reform orders are wildly popular among Americans, despite the fallacies being disseminated by the mainstream media.

One such promise, and one of his largest goals, was to reset the clock on immigration to the United States, ending decades of democratically opened borders in an attempt to get a grasp on international terrorists exploiting the holes in the U.S. system.  Now that Trump has imposed a temporary immigration ban from certain dangerous locales, the mainstream media has gone to work tearing apart the plan.

Unfortunately for them, We The People are overwhelmingly in favor of the reforms.

“Republican voters overwhelmingly approve of President Donald Trump temporarily halting the importation of refugees, even after a media firestorm falsely labeled it a ‘Muslim ban.’


Andrew West

Andrew West

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