Trump Has Something New to Say About Healthcare

Healthcare IS NOT DEAD! Well, according to President Trump anyway.

The recent healthcare fiasco was just that, a fiasco. Obamacare is a crock of bull, but unless we can come up with something better than the Ryancare, then we aren’t much better off.

Daily Caller reports:

As the president addressed a room full of senators and their wives during a reception at the White House Tuesday night, he called for Republicans and Democrats to come together to formulate a bill that can pass.

“Here we are, and shockingly, it’s bipartisan,” Trump said. “A lot of people showed up. People we weren’t expecting. I know that we are all going to make a deal on health care. That’s such an easy one. I have no doubt that that’s going to happen very quickly. We have all been promising it — Democrat, Republican — to the public.”

“We are going…



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