Trump Effect Makes Impact on IMF Forecasts


As Donald Trump spends his last few days as President-Elect before taking over the Oval Office, the so-called “Trump Effect” is continuing to blanket our nation.

Donald Trump’s effect on the American economy and world trade has cause a stir at the IMF.

Between the earlier revelations that enormous companies such as IBM, Ford, and Chrysler would be focusing time and resources on American jobs, and the reaction of BMW to possible penalties for importing vehicles from Mexico, Donald Trump’s forthcoming leadership has had a profound economic impact.  The effect has been so succinct, in fact, that now the IMF is preparing to adjust their financial forecasts for the U.S.

“The International Monetary Fund on Monday raised its forecast for the U.S. economy over the next two years, saying President-elect Donald Trump’s policies should boost economic growth, particularly in 2018.

“The IMF also increased 2017 growth projections for a…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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