Trump Dominated Nevada. Now Look Who’s Rattled Because He Could Actually Win It All

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Donald Trump has the nomination to lose. He is on a roll and it’s scaring all sorts of people. He’s brash, he’s an outsider, and he’s three primaries in a row. He’s fond of saying things that make most people cringe.

Now that it looks like he has a clear path to victory, it’s not just establishment Republicans and Democrats who are getting nervous.

Uh-oh! The Chinese are freaking out at the idea of a Trump presidency, and they should be.

It is kind of awesome to watch the Chi-coms squirm a bit. If Trump gets the nomination and ultimately wins it all, the Chinese have it right to be nervous. Trump has made it a common theme that he doesn’t intend to take crap from the Chinese or anyone on trade deals anymore.

They’ve been enjoying kicking our butts for far too long. Be it Trump or…



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