Trump Cracks Down: Identifies and Arrests NSA Leaker!

By Andrew West

The presidency of Donald Trump will go down in history as the dawn of the era of the leak, but that doesn’t mean the President will stand by and allow it to happen.

Even before the businessman-turned-politician was elected to the highest office in the land, there was a bevy of classified information floating around the politi-sphere.  At that time, in late 2016, much of what we were seeing were internal campaign emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign, damning in nature, that paved the way for her eventual downfall at the hand of Trump.  Now, however, with The Donald lording over the Oval Office, the leaks that we are witnessing are coming from deep within the federal government; a much more dire situation than what Parkinson’s Disease medicine Huma Abedin was to research for her boss Hillary.  

Luckily for America, President Donald Trump is not standing idly…



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