Trump Catapults Stock Market With One Speech; Leaves Libs Eating Their Words

President Trump never ceases to amaze. The man does not know how to fail. But on Tuesday evening, he took that to new heights and was singlehandedly responsible for stock market success. The Dow Jones jumped up 300 points the following day. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 also saw significant gains.

But more important than the proof that Trump is just great for our economy is the fact that he has finally shut up liberals and Democrats.

That’s right, Trump did the impossible. He blew them away with his speech and left them without any criticism.

Trump Catapults Stock Market With One Speech

President Trump has been in office less than a month and a half, yet it feels like the liberal media has been attacking him for years. Everything he says or does, the media is there picking it apart and looking for stories to make Trump look bad.…



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