Trump Calls Russia, World Doesn’t End as Liberals Claim it Would


President Trump has been furiously working the phones in his first few days at the desk in the Oval Office, and no phone call was more highly anticipated than the one that he made to Vladimir Putin.

A new dawn of diplomacy is breaking over the U.S. / Russia relationship.

The democrats used Trump’s proposed diplomacy with Russia as a scapegoat for their embarrassing electoral loss in 2016, blaming Putin and the Kremlin for “interfering” in the U.S. election – a claim that has been thoroughly debunked and denied by those truly in the know.  Now, as their first phone call has been documented, only positive reactions are being had by those who witnessed the historic event, while the liberals continue to sully the very notion of diplomatic relations with the Asian superpower.

“As his top aides looked on, Trump sat in the Oval Office and spoke with the Russian…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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