Trump Announces Tightening Of Economic Noose Around North Korea

President Trump signed an executive order allowing The Treasury Dept. to place crippling sanctions on North Korea. Surprisingly China is cooperating.

The “supreme” leader of North Korea has long believed it his duty to utterly destroy the United States, who he and his predecessors blame for the results of the technically-still-raging Korean War.  U.S. support for South Korea is, of course, one of the main points of contention among the DPRK leadership, but their incessant threats aimed at America have created new and unnerving diplomatic issues between the two nations.

Beyond the war of words, of course, is the very real possibility of a military conflict erupting between the U.S. and North Korea.  With Kim Jong Un constantly sending missiles skyward, and in the general direction of American allies, it is only a matter of time before Donald Trump is forced to take serious action to curb Kim’s chaotic regime.



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