Trump admin DESTROYS globalists (U.N. is VERY mad!)

At the monthly United Nations Security Council meeting, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley challenged the other Security Council members — and it set a new precedent for international American relations.

Under President Donald Trump, no one but the U.S. president decides what America does or doesn’t do. And they will not to tell the U.S. where to locate its embassy.

On Monday, the United States vetoed a resolution supported by the 14 other U.N. Security Council members that would have required Trump to rescind his declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a vote that showed the depth of global opposition to the U.S. move.

The United States was certain to veto the Egyptian-sponsored resolution, but its Arab supporters wanted the vote to demonstrate that countries everywhere and even many U.S. allies such as Britain, France and Japan are against Trump’s action.

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