Trump Accuser Who Took Mortgage Payoff, Tried To Get Job As Trump’s Makeup Artist

Anytime  Gloria Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom is involved…it can’t be good. Here’s another accuser who was involved with Bloom in a case against Trump. But you really need to pay attention to the details and facts including the money trail. This chick, Jill Harth was offered money and other compensation if she would come forward with allegations against Trump for sexual harassment.

A New York makeup artist who accused Donald Trump of groping her in the 1990’s – and whose mortgage was paid off by a donor arranged by Gloria Allred daughter Lisa Bloom, repeatedly solicited then-candidate Trump to become his campaign makeup artist so she could pitch her new line of men’s cosmetics, according to The Hill‘s John Solomon.  The story has to be true, because one couldn’t make it up if one tried.

In an October 1, 2015 email – Trump accuser Jill Harth emailed the President’s New York Company headquarters, writing:

“Hi Donald, you



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