Trey Gowdy rides back into town looking for Hillary

Republican Trey Gowdy has a renewed interest in Hillary Clinton getting a pass from the FBI over the email server and compromised classified emails. Now that observable bias has been exposed within the DOJ and the FBI, some oversight needs to be exercised. The Democrats want to say that it is old news and there is nothing to see here. That is a false flag. How did Hillary get a pass for violating Federal law? 

As Written and Reported BY ZACHARY FRYER-BIGGS for Newsweek:

Updated | Is this Benghazi, the sequel?

Republican Trey Gowdy, whose investigation into the terror attack on an American consular building was seen even by some Republicans as an effort to hurt Hillary Clinton’s election chances, is now demanding that three FBI officials testify before his Oversight Committee to discuss the bureau’s decision to not charge the former Secretary of State for mishandling classified information and use of a private email server.

Specifically, Gowdy and



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