Trey Gowdy Carefully Reveals Clues to FISA Memo Contents in Fox Interview!

#Releasethememo continues to garner lots of attention as we all wait with bated breath to see what the FISA memo reveals. Those who have read the memo insist that when it’s contents are revealed the fallout will be explosive. Most of us assume the memo will finally expose the Democrats for their part in siccing the FBI on Trump based on completely biased and faulty information. It’s a scandal that is predicted to rank up there with Watergate.

Many congressmen have read the memo but are not allowed to discuss its contents. However, nobody said they can’t talk in hypotheticals.

Sometimes it’s all in how you word something, and Trey Gowdy certainly knows how to choose his words carefully. Gowdy made a careful attempt to avoid releasing classified information, yet, at the same time, use the power of suggestion to imbibe upon us the importance and explosiveness of the



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