Trey Gowdy Asks Why Comey Isn’t Sending Reporters to Prison

Pr4obably, the most uncomfortable moments for James Comey in Monday’s questioning came from Trey Gowdy.  On a wide range of topics, Trey Gowdy was prepared to do battle and Comey simply was not, mostly because he was trying to shape the narrative by leaving major facts out.  My favorite was when Comey and Gowdy were discussing leaks.  Comey admitted that much of what he has read in the papers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post is simply wrong.

“I’ve read a whole lot of stuff, especially in the last two months, that’s just wrong,” Comey said. “But I can’t say which is wrong.” …

“We’ll give information to our adversaries that way,” he said. Also: “We can’t because where do you stop on that slope? ‘Cause then, when…



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