Trending! Reactions to ‘pious’ Hillary’s plan to … preach

Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

WASHINGTON – So, what’s the state of the church in America today?

Well, consider that the No. 6 devotional book at Amazon is titled “Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

No, it’s not her book. It’s by her longtime pastor, Bill Shillady, who offered an interview line to the Atlantic that has triggered a media splash. It seems Hillary Clinton always wanted to be a pastor.

It’s no joke, but it’s prompting plenty of them on social media.

One wag suggested a name for her to consider: “The Church of Lyintology.”

Actually, according to Shillady, Hillary has serious interest in becoming a preacher in the denomination with which she has long been affiliated – the United Methodist Church.

Just so there is no mistake, the book does not contain any devotionals written by Hillary. Instead, it’s a



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