Top 5 Anti-Gun Arguments Shot Down

Gun control fanatics like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg use a variety of arguments to try to persuade the American people to give up their Second Amendment rights.

One of their most successful arguments to date is that there is NO logical reason why any law abiding American should own an assault or assault-style weapon. They claim there is no use for them in our homes. Consequently, they’ve been able to ban assault and assault-style weapons in some cities and states.

However, don’t use that argument on one family living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. While the 19-year-old son of the homeowner was at home, 3 burglars illegally entered the house. The son confronted them holding an AR-15 and ordered them to leave. When they didn’t, the son defended himself and his home. Police found two of the burglars dead on the kitchen floor and the other was dead…



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